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Basic Terminology

Bit Seats - rounding of the first molar to increase sensitivity and response of the bit (performance function)
Extraction - to pull or remove
Float - process of smoothing down the sharp overgrowths or points of the cheek teeth
Hooks - sharp narrow overgrowth developed on a tooth through abnormal wear
Incisors - teeth found at the front of the mouth used for grasping food
Ramps - an exaggerated upward slope of the rear cheek teeth
Ridges - raised or distorted surface of the tooth
TMJ - Tempotomandibular Joint- compaction or rubbing of the mandible and temporal bones
Wave Mouth - an acquired disorder of wear of the cheek teeth where the occlusal surfaces have a wave like appearance
Wolf Teeth - small premolars - not used in eating - normally extracted
Parrot mouth   Badly Angled Incisors