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Equine Massage


Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist - Jenna L. Kilby CESMT

Fully Insured - 717-885-7424


"Indulge your horse with a Therapeutic Touch"


Massage is a manipulation of soft muscle tissue, both deep and superficial.  Massage techniques are applied to break up waste and harmful toxins. While increasing circulation, this allows the body to naturally rid its self of the waste.  This manipulation aids in the restoration of the body to its naturally state with out any harmful side effects.

Benefits of Massage
-  Increased Circulation   -  Releases Tension and Spasms
-  Aids in elimination of waste and toxins   -  Aids in prevention of colic
-  Prevents symptoms of "tying up" (Azoturia)   -  Reduces inflammation and swelling
-  Promotes rapid healing   -  Releases endorphins
-  Aids in performance/maintains overall physical condition   -  Generates re-growth of damaged myofibrils (tissue)
-  Re-vascularize the muscle   -  Relaxation

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