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Douglas N. Siegrist


Doug is the most recent addition to Kilby's Equine Smile Restoration, Inc.  Doug is the son-in-law of Ernie Kilby (owner of Kilby's Equine Smile Restoration).  Doug became part of the family in 2000 when he married Ernie's third daughter Nicole.  Prior to Doug's marriage, Doug owned several of his own horses on his parents family farm.  At that point in his life he considered himself a "hobbiest".  Riding for pleasure and relaxation was the extent of his involvement with the horses.  Since his marriage and seeing Ernie further his career in equine dentistry, Doug has become more and more involved in the personal care of the horses.  In August of 2007, Doug decided that he too would like to make equine dentistry and the care of horses more than a hobby.  He decided to resign his position as a corrections officer at the York County Prison and enter the American School of Equine Dentistry.  Doug made the trip out to Wyoming for a six week intensive training the equine dentistry field.  In September of 2007, Doug proudly returned home with his certificate.  Since his return, Doug has been working with Ernie on gaining the advanced clinical experience that he needs to return to school to receive his national certification as Ernie has.  We know that Doug will be another valued member of the Equine Smile Restoration team!


Breaking News!

Doug has received the IAED International Certification!  In February of 2009, he traveled to Orlando, Florida to take the written, verbal, and clinical IAED International Certification test.  He credits his father in law and his wonderful wife for encouraging him to reach for this level of education.


American School of Equine Dentistry - Graduate - September 2007


Member of the International Association of Equine Dentistry - Since 2007


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